Is the Next Major Stock Market Decline Looming?

February 11, 2019
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Portfolio Insights Financial market commentators seem to change their minds daily about the outlook for the stock market.  One day they are excited about stocks and the next they are worried.  They offer potential reasons for a looming decline like: Interest Rates The Fed Earnings slowdown the business cycle China the President European slowdown inverted […]

Losing Money AND Paying Taxes? There may be a better way.

January 31, 2019
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CPA’s listen up!  As you begin preparing tax returns, some of your clients may have lost money last year but still owe capital gains taxes because their mutual funds paid year-end “capital gains distributions”. “A capital gains distribution is a payment to mutual fund shareholders that is prompted by a fund manager’s liquidation of underlying stocks and […]

This isn’t your dad’s stock market any more

January 18, 2019
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Lately, we have seen unprecedented volatility in the US stock market with swings in excess of a thousand points in a couple of days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and even the first 1,000 point gain in a single day.  So, what’s causing all of this? Two things: uncertainty and computers. We’ve covered issues […]

10th Market Update

December 27, 2018
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December 26, 2018 David Cross, CPM® The herd is jumping off the cliff  A large part of my job as a portfolio manager is to appraise the value of companies.  I buy them when I estimate that their stock price is below my appraised value and sell them when they are higher than my appraised […]