Dow 22,000

A common concern we hear from investors today is that there is limited upside to investing, and people are concerned with the potential for another cataclysmic decline like the one we saw in 2008 and 2009. Those were very difficult times. While I do believe we will see a recession at some point soon, I […]

Bonds, what are they? David Cross, US-AM

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What is a bond? A bond is a loan.  How is that for simple?  Bonds are commonly referred to as “fixed-income” securities (remember, people in finance like to come up with fancy names for things like scientists and mathematicians) and are one of the three main generic asset classes: stocks (equities) bonds (fixed income) and cash. […]

Stock, what is it? David Cross, US-AM

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Stock is a share or percentage of ownership in a company. Owners are entitled to a share of the company’s assets and earnings.  If you own and buy more, your ownership percentage increases.  You can own 1 singe share, or 10%, 20% or even 100% of a company’s stock.  The investment world is like most […]